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Cake by slice

Maybe serving 02 - flavors : Brigadeiro, Dolce de leite, White Chocolate w/ strawberry, Butter Pecan, coconut,


Cheese Bread

Pão de queijo, which means “cheese bread” in Portuguese, is a snack from Brazil made with tapioca flour (gluten-free) and cheese.

We also have frozen to take out.

03 for $2.50, 1 dozen $8.50

Brazilian Honey Cookie

Brazilian honey cookie or pão de mel (honey bread) filled with dulce de leche and covered in chocolate.



The brigadeiro is made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter. Loved Brazilian sweet and will win your heart in one bite!

.85 Ball- in Cup $1.50 unit


Flavors: Sea salt caramel, vanilla, red velvet, italian cream, chocolate

$2.50 Unit , half dozen $13.50, 1 dozen $24.00


French macaron


Cake balls

Flavors : Red velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla





Brazilian style coffee :  !) Americano :)  2)  Espresso  3) Cafe Latte .

1) $2.20 2) $2.00 3) $3.60


A savory potato dough shaped into a drumstick around a shredded chicken filling then battered and fried.

$ 2.90 90Gr

Kibbeh - Kibe portion - Mini Kibe

Kibbeh is a traditional fried croquette very popular in Middle East.  Arab immigration in the late nineteenth century brought the kibbeh to Brazil, and it has become an integral part of Brazilian cuisine. made with ground meat & burghul ( plus onions, garlic, parsley, salt)


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