Capacity: Small room 20 Guest  & Main room 100 guest.


Cakes & Custom cakes for your event 

  • Only by Marvelous Cakes and Pastries 


The small private room for events up to 20 people ( small events, baby showers, birthdays celebration, etc)  available during business hours  don't require a refundable damage deposit fee. Please, contact us  we will be happy to assist you. 


Marvelous Cakes and Pastries - Main Room Policies 

Deposit & Payment Options

  • A 50% security deposit is required. a check of $200.00 will be held as a deposit in case damages occur. You will receive back within 02 days after your event if there are no damages.

  • The remainder of the balance is due 14 days prior to your event. If the remainder is not paid as required 14 days prior to your event, the event will be cancelled and all previously paid money will not be refunded

Cancellation Policy

  • You must submit your cancellation in writing. The 50% deposit will not be refunded. If the event is cancelled, you must notify Marvelous Cakes and Pastries in writing. NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENTS are transferable one time only, based on availability, within 12 months of the date of your cancellation of your event. Your new date must be selected before the day of cancellation. New pricing and terms and conditions for the new event date may apply at the time of cancellation and rescheduling.​

Property Access

  • Marvelous Cakes and Pastries capacity is 100 guests.

  • Your Vendors will enter the property from another entrance so this will not interfere with your guests arriving. (West Back door or Kitchen door)

  • Making sure the property is maintained appropriately for your event.​


  • Free standing decorations only are allowed inside and outside on the property of Marvelous Cakes and Pastries. Candles are only permitted if contained in proper globes, cylinders, or floating. No flames are allowed on the premises of Marvelous Cakes and Pastries.

  • Bubbles, rice, only real rose pedals are allowed. 

  • The following items are prohibited in decorating and may NOT  be used on the property:  nails, screws, tacks, staples, tape, glitter, confetti, and birdseed

  • All decorations and flowers are to be removed by the end of the rental period.

  • If you use any feather boas, you need to clean up all feathers immediately after reception.

  • If you are using any of DCC’s glassware or other decorations, you need to return them to their proper  place.​


  • All sinks, counter-tops, microwaves, and warmers must be wiped down

  • All trash must be placed in designated trash bins.  The event host must inform caterers that they must take their trash back to their property to their dumpster.

  • All leftover food must be removed.

  • Marvelous Cakes and pastries will only be responsible for the trash at the event.  If extra clean up is needed the next day, your cleaning party is responsible for taking off all trash and boxes.​

 Smoking Policy

  • There is no smoking allowed in Marvelous Cakes and Pastries venue, outside please follow the Arlington's city smoking ordinance.​

Alcohol Rules

  • Marvelous Cakes and Pastries does not serve any of the alcohol.

  • All drinks must be served by a TABC licensed bar tender that is approved by Marvelous Cakes and Pastries. You are responsible for making arrangements with the TABC licensed bartender.

  • The TABC licensed bartender is the only person that is allowed to bring alcohol on the property.

  • You are accountable for your guests’ consumption of alcohol and conduct. Please be responsible and respectful of the property.


  • All events with alcohol require a security guard that will be on the premises from the start to the finish of the event at an additional fee. Marvelous Cakes and Pastries  will arrange for the security guard. 

Overtime / Damages

  • If any damages occur to the Marvelous Cakes property/venue due to negligence, you are responsible for paying for it and you will not receive your refund of your $400.00 security deposit. 

  • If your party stays later than rental contract time you will be charged $200.00 for every hour.

  • The following items are prohibited in decorating and may not be used on the property: nails, screws, tacks, staples, tape, glitter, confetti, and birdseed.

  • No open flames are allowed on the premises of Marvelous Cake and Pastries.

  • Cooking will not be allowed on the property. (catering prep kitchen only)

  • You must inform your Vendors of your allotted time slot of your event. They are responsible for the cleaning up and leaving by the end of your rental contract time, or you will be charged an additional fee of $200.00.

  • No outside alcohol is allowed. If anyone other than the bartender brings any alcohol on the premises they will be asked to leave.

  • Marvelous Cakes and Pastries is not responsible for any items lost or damaged.




Wedding or Events Coordinator

  • Wedding coordinators or planners are welcome and Marvelous Cakes and Pastries will assist them if  needed.


Questions or concerns? Contact us by phone : 214 843-0198 or by e-mail chefjana@marvelouscakes.com and we are happy to assist you.

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