Marvelous Cakes & Pastries Franchising 

Marvelous Cakes headquarter inauguration was in June’2017 in Arlington, TX. On the first days of the inauguration there were many people enquire us informations to become a Marvelous Cakes & Pastries franchisee. 

A brief piece of our history: Chef Jana had this adventurous idea in 2007 during one of her children’s birthday celebration. At that time, she noticed that many guests were astonished by the fabulous taste of her special cakes, sweets and pastries, not to mention the outstanding cakes decorations.

From then on, she decided to become a professional chef and graduated at the Le Cordon Bleu French Institute of Culinary Arts, class 2012. Today, Chef Jana’s art is enjoyed by thousands of fans at DFW Metroplex, and all over the U.S. and even abroad.

Therefore, this increasing interest in our brand – Marvelous Cakes & Pastries – arose from everyone’s delight to our products, that Chef Jana decided to establish a project with strong quality and structure generating a great standardized lay-out and client support based on the fabulous products from Marvelous Cakes Headquarter.

Our goal is to increase our quality recognition of our products all over the U.S. reaching out to many great cities throughout this country.
To straighten this relationship, besides the fact of advertising our tasteful products, we will always wish to aggregate values to people’s lives. Our brand - Marvelous Cakes & Pastries - will always be demanding local selected events where our main goal is to support and divulge love to our neighbors, attending and supporting our communities.

Marvelous Cakes reinforce Chef Jana’s and her team ideals to offer quality in everything that they create. Therefore, Marvelous Cakes is looking for partners who understand these same values and appreciate these commitments and support our guidelines.

As this is just the beginning, we beg God to bless us and always be at our side guiding us and bringing wisdom to everything that we do.

For more information about how to become a Marvelous Cakes & Pastries Franchisee, please send us an email to:, we will get in touch with you.

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Marvelous Cakes & Pastries

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