Our goal is to increase our production without losing quality of our products and reaching out to many others great cities from USA.

Today our products are handmade and its so hard for us to increase our demand without the right equipment.  I decided to establish a project with strong quality based on the products from our bakery,  but without a production line commercial equipment will be impossible for us to reach our goals.

Our rewards you have many options to participate, also included 01 year membership rewards. 

Hi My name is Chef Jana Cipriano, and I am the owner of Marvelous Cakes and Pastries at the city of Arlington TX.


A brief piece of our history:


I had this adventurous idea in 2007 during one of her children’s birthday celebration. At that time, I noticed that many guests were astonished by the fabulous taste of her special cakes, sweets and pastries, not to mention the outstanding cake decoration.

From then on, I decided to become a professional chef and graduated at the Le Cordon Bleu French Institute of Culinary Arts, class 2012.

Chef Jana’s art is enjoyed by thousands of fans at DFW Metroplex, and all over the U.S. and even abroad. (Social Media Fans )

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Marvelous Cakes & Pastries

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