Estimates are based on quantity of servings, flavors of choice, but most important on the complexity of the design. Below you will find the basic pricing information that I send to my customers, once we agree on a design I can give you a final estimate or some different options, please feel free to send pictures of the things you already have on mind.


Basic cakes with no custom decorations:


Round cakes - 4" tall:

6" serves 8 = $20.00

7" serves 10 = $26.00

8" serves 15 + = $38.00

9" serves 20-25= $55.00

10" serves 30 = $75.00


Sheet cakes:

1/4 sheet - 20 servings = $ 40.00

1/2 sheet - 40 servings = $ 75.00

Full sheet - 80 servings = $135.00


No extra charge for basic writing up to 4 words.

Buttercream roses will add $3-$15 depending on cake size.




Basic $2.50 each 

Gourmet with filling and/ or custom decorations starting at 3.50 at each

Minimum required 1 dozen



Custom cakes:


Cake :


Naked cakes start at $3.50 per serving, flowers, fruits and other decorations are extra.


Buttercream or Cream Cheese Icing: starting at $4.50 per serving


Fondant Icing: Starting at $6.00 and up per serving depending on the design.


Cake flavors:




*White Cake

*Moist Pão de ló cake

*Almond Flavor

*Butter cake


*Sponge cake


Specialties ($ 0.25 extra):

*Italian Cream Cake (With Coconut, Pecans and Walnuts)

*Carrot (With Nuts)

*Red Velvet

*Lemon cake

*Custom flavors


No Extra Charge for regular fillings, $0.25 extra per serving for specialties.






*Traditional Bridal Vanilla Cream Custard

*Coconut Custard

*Dulce de Leche

*Dulce de Leche with Prunes

*Dulce de Leche with Pecans

*Dulce de Leche with Coconut

*Dulce de Leche with Apricots


*Coconut and nuts

*Prunes with Coconut

*Almond Cream

*Lemon curd

*Traditional Chocolate Brigadeiro

*White Chocolate Brigadeiro

*Cream cheese icing fillings




Specialties ($ 0.25 extra):

*Fruits and Cream, choice of: Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Blueberries or Peach with Cream.

*Wild Fruit Filling: A mixture of Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Raisins  and Apricots.

*Passion Fruit Mousse

*Raspberry Mousse

*Mango Mousse

*Strawberry Mousse

*Guava Mousse

*Chocolate Mousse

*White Chocolate Mousse

*Black Forest (Chopped chocolate and cherries with whipped Cream)

*Nuts with cream or Dulce de Leche, choice of almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts or macadamia.

*More than 2 flavors in a cake.


Other flavors by request will be considered


Sculpted and 3D cakes starting at $ 10.00 and up per serving, pricing is based on the complexity of the design. 



Extra Charge for:

Gum paste flowers, fresh flowers, figures, beads, ribbons, pearls, lace, metallic decorations.



Delivery and Set-up for wedding cakes and other large cakes: $30 - 50 for most places, depending on distance and cake size.


Date is only secure with a 50% deposit of the total estimated amount, and final payment is due 2 weeks before the event date.


Payments can be made with credit card, cash. Checks  only If done with

in 15 days or more from the event date to give enough time to clear the check.


Prices are subject to change with out  notice. Quotes are only secure with a deposit.



Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

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