Cake Order

Don't worry, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed.

But before  placing  a cake order

here are some of the most commonly answered questions we will need to hear from you

  • What is the date of the event?

  • What time is the event?

  • Where is the event? Delivery Yes or No?

  • Is the event outdoors?

  • How many servings are needed?

  • What are the colors?

  • How many tiers?

  • What is the design? Is it for a birthday? A wedding? What type of event is it?

  • What is the flavor of the cake?

  • What is the flavor of the filling? (visit our cake flavors page)

  • Do you have a picture of the design you want?

  • If this is a wedding cake, will the client provide the topper? 

  • f this is a wedding cake, do the bride and groom want to keep the top tier and freeze it for an anniversary cake? (If so, that tier cannot be counted in the serving quantity.)

  • Will fresh flowers be added to the cake? If so, what is the contact information for the florist? Does this particular florist prefer to add the flowers, or will they leave fresh flowers for the cake decorator to add?

Getting  the answers for these questions is so important for us ... you can send an e-mail to, text 1(214) 843-0198 or click and quote now.